Math Class

Our new math curriculum is located at Think Central. Visit our additional math site, too, for many resources and student interactives:

We at Copper Hills want students to value mathematics and be able to communicate and reason mathematically, so we have recently purchased and have been trained in an excellent math program called “Go Math”. Homework and more info and parent help are posted at the class's website.

One of our primary focuses is on problem solving and math reasoning. Students need to be able to apply the concepts they have learned in earlier grades to determine what process(es) and strategies to use in order to solve word problems. We will focus on problem solving every day. Parents should spend some time on a regular basis helping their children solve math story problems.

Math class begins each day with problem solving and will end with a review period.

We also participate in Math Olympiads. E ach monthly contest consists of five difficult problems.  Every problem requires careful mathematical thinking and has a time limit.  Each student, working alone, scores 1 point for each correct answer.  A student may score up to 25 points per year.  In addition, each week, students may engage in the Olympiad Practice Problems. There are five problems each week. Students have one week to solve and turn in the practice problems. Parents may work with the students on these. It's a great way for everyone involved to strengthen problem solving and reasoning skills. Those students with the most practice points on the weekly Olympiad Practice Problems will receive a Math Olympiad Champ t-shirt at the end of the year. Those with the highest Olympiad National Contest scores will receive a trophy at the end of year awards assembly.

Students are required to spend twenty minutes each night practicing math. Every Monday through Thursday nights, students should engage in this study time by finishing their homework or by practicing at