Copper Hills Elementary
Habits of Scholarship and CREW


Expeditionary learning defines character as having two facets—relational character and performance character. Relational character skills are essential for positive collaboration, ethical interaction, appropriate participation, and personal responsibility. We use our CREW traits to support these character skills. Performance character skills (Habits of Scholarship) are needed to obtain a standard of excellence in academic or real-world endeavors. Both types of character are essential for success in school and in life. We have identified habits of scholarship that will appear on the achievement reports. This year, we worked with our EL team to write learning targets that scaffold from K-6. We will create clear expectations for students in their habits that are also developmentally appropriate.


I can set goals and work towards meeting those goals.

I can stick with a task until completion.

I can set goals for my future and be proactive in taking the steps necessary to reach those goals


I can be responsible for my learning and work.

I can be responsible for my attitude and actions.

I can be independent in monitoring my academic progress and do what is necessary to be successful.

I can reflect on my current level of high school and college readiness including knowledge of what it will
take for me to be successful in high school and pursue the college or technical school education I desire.


I can revise to improve my work.

I can produce high quality work.

I can use materials professionally.

I can build a portfolio that demonstrates craftsmanship and professional quality work.


I can actively listen to others.

I can contribute to a shared purpose.

I can show evidence that I am a valuable member in collaborative work.

Some ideas from Janelle Brannon
July 7, 2017