Vickie Hall Dean                                       Date: August 2020

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School Address:

Copper Hills Elementary

7635 W. 3715 S.

Magna, UT 84044

My cell phone: 801-573-3046







High School Attended: Carbon   
Graduation Date: May 1970


Colleges & Universities Attended:
College of Eastern Utah
Graduation Date: June 1972
Degree Obtained: Associate of Arts                                                                                                    

Utah State University
Graduation Date: June 1988
Major: Elem. Ed.     -- Minor: Language Arts

Degree Obtained: Bachelor of Arts

Utah State University
Graduation Date: June 1999
Degree Obtained: Masters - Educational Technology



I hold a standard Utah Teaching Certificate.


I also hold two endorsements: ESL from S.U.U. and Gifted from U.S.U.


Teaching Employment History:




Copper Hills Elementary

Teaching 6th grade


Sally Mauro Elementary

Teaching 5th grade


Sally Mauro Elementary

Teaching 4/5 grades


Sally Mauro Elementary

Teaching 2nd grade


Carbon School District

Substituting in six schools




Institution Attended



Southern Utah University

ESL Endorsement and various classes

1989 to present

Brigham Young University

Classes taken

1989 to 1999

Utah State University

Gifted & Talented Endorsement and various classes

1995 to present



1.       I was the Outstanding Graduate of the Educational Technology program at USU in 1999.  The focus of this program was on instruction, instructional design and strategies.

2.      I was chosen by the Utah State Office of Education to represent my school at the National Showcase Schools in Washington, D.C. in the summer of 1999.   Each state selected two schools.

3.      In January of 2000 at Utah’s Annual  G/T Convention held at the SL Hilton, I presented the Nicholas Greene Award (Most Gifted Student) to Nick Deeter – a boy who was my student for two years and who I nominated for the award.

4.      Under the direction of my administrators, I have taught other educators in weekly after-school classes.

5.      I have taught after school and summer gifted classes to students since 1996.

6.      As a member of the Carbon School District’s G/T Committee, I spent many hours visiting gifted classrooms in other districts such as Jordan and Davis.  I have observed outstanding practice and have implemented much of what I have learned.

7.      I have always received outstanding marks on all evaluations by administrators. 

8.      I was selected as the Outstanding Educator several times in my school and district.

9.      I began and directed a program where students at my school produced and broadcast weekly news programs. that were broadcast throughout the school's classrooms.

10. I was awarded the Century Link Grant from USOE and Century Link in 2013.

11. I was recognized as a KSL Utah Teacher of the Week on March 25, 2014.

12. I was recently awarded five Donor's Choose grants. I have written and been awarded 16 grants for a total of over $114,000.



v     Member of UtahLINK and Facilitator of the UtahLINK World Wide Web Mailing List

v     Past Elected member of U.C.E.T. Board -- Utah Coalition for Educational Technology

v     Member of state executive committee for re-writing Utah Instructional Technology Core

v     Past member of Carbon County Grant Writers





Principal/Copper Hills Elementary: Tracy Rose ,  7635 W. 3715 S., Magna, UT 84044 , Phone:  385-646-4792




          I love teaching and working with elementary students.  Helping students reach their potential and develop a love for learning are important goals in my life.

My husband, Dewayne Dean, had his own business for 30 years as a homebuilder and then a geothermal designer and driller. He now works for NWL Architecture.  Fourteen years ago, we moved into a beautiful home that Dewayne built for us. We enjoy being with our 8 kids and 19 grandkids.

          I have spent time over many years learning about educational technology. I am interested in the effective integration of technology into the instructional and learning processes. I believe that technology is a great tool in differentiating and individualizing instruction. Digital learning plays a central role in ensuring all students graduate college and are career ready. Technology, used effectively, can help all students meet and exceed rigorous learning goals in Utah's standards by providing access to tools and resources that personalize instruction and create rich, engaging and relevant learning environments.

          In my classroom there are thirty four student computers, student cameras and Flip cameras, graphic writing tablets, a big screen projector, Interwrite boards, a document camera, microphones . . .well...lots of technology tools that we use to individualize student learning. We use adaptive learning programs, word processing, spreadsheets, desktop publishing, presentation programs, and educational software.


Because of the effective use of technology and the differentiation it allows and also because of the increased motivation that comes to students using technology, my students' test scores have consistently been among the highest in the school, district and state. I am proud of the work my students do.



In my off-hours I enjoy hiking, four-wheeling and traveling with my husband. I love to water ski! I like making movies with my video camera and my computer. I've designed and created many web pages. I like to knit and crochet.



KSL Teacher Feature Award 2014

Third Place Granite District Technology Fair March 2002

Outstanding Student of U.S.U. Educational Technology Master's Program 1999

Representative to Washington D.C. for Secretary’s Conference on National Showcase Schools 1999
Wal-Mart Teacher of the Year
Teacher of the Year - Carbon School District
Teacher of the Year - Sally Mauro Elementary
First flutist at the Junior College Band of the U.S.
Outstanding Bandsman and Master Musician Carbon High 1970



#1:  March 1994
Dept. of the Air Force -- Hill Air Force Base,

Our Project: Used Computers

Outcomes: We were awarded 15 older computers, 2 printers and one plotter. Valued at $1500


#2:  1994-95
Utah State Office of Education Arts Education Grant

Project: Sally Mauro Arts Integration Projects

Outcomes: We were able to purchase Arts software and an LCD projection panel, a special overhead, and a portable multimedia cart that transported a multimedia computer and projection system to classrooms so that computer resources could be projected onto the large screen in order to enhance and integrate more of the Arts into regular instruction. Awarded: $6,000


#3: January 1996

T.C.I. Technology Award

Project: Replacement of Older Technology

Outcome: T.C.I. (Now PEAK, Inc.) awarded our school two televisions and one video cassette recorder. Valued at: $900


#4: January 1997

Professional Development
SURWEB (State of
Utah Resources on the Web) Grant

Project: Teaching Technology to Teachers

Outcome: We were able to continue our bi-monthly teacher technology education classes through May 1997. Awarded: $3,000


#5:  March 1997

Intenet in the Classroom
Integration Project CNET

Project: Use Educational Internet Resources in the Classroom

Outcome: I was awarded one 25" television. I connected this second 25" screen to my computer so that every child in the classroom can view resources. Awarded: $300


#6: 1997-1998
Utah Centennial School

Project: Using the Computer Resources in Whole Class Instruction

Outcomes: We were able to purchase scan converters that we connected to new 27" televisions and televisions already in our building. Our teachers can now use computer resources in whole class instruction. We were also able to continue a second year of our technology education program. Awarded from the State: $14,086


#7: 1998-1999
Utah Centennial School

Project: Core Assessments and Aligning the Core Curriculum

Outcomes: We will spend two days evaluating the Utah Core Assessment Profiles, focusing on students' weak areas of performance. We will assess our instruction in those areas. Using computer and other resources in our instruction, we will seek to improve students' performance on 1999 Core Assessments. Awarded from the State: $10,230


#8: 1998 - 2001

TLCF (Technology Literacy Challenge Fund)

Project: District Technology Integration and Professional Development

Outcome: We will conduct a program in the district similar to the project we have had at Sally Mauro. Each of our eleven schools will receive three 27" televisions that will connect to classroom multimedia computers. Teachers will receive regular, on-going instruction in technology, computer resources and technology integration. This was a three-year award. First Year Award: $55,000


#9: 1999 - 2000


Project: Reciprocal Teaching: Improved Reading Comprehension Through Information Technology Literacy

Outcome: This project will combine reciprocal teaching with seven networked computers and electronic educational resources. Students will work around the computer in cooperative learning groups of four, teaching one another reading comprehension strategies. In collaborative groups, students talk with each other and in a structured and well-modeled format "make meaning" of text. They monitor their own comprehension and learning, using concrete activities of summarizing, questioning, clarifying and predicting. Awarded from the state: $7500


#10:  1999 - 2000

Utah Centennial Schools

Project: Effective Technology Integration

Outcome: Teachers will learn and practice effective technology integration. After evaluating the core tests, teachers will align their instructional resources with the curriculum, developing strategies that will address particular curriculum areas where test scores were low. Award: $7580


#11 2012

Donors Choose

Project: Individualization & Differention

Outcome: Each student studies where his/her needs require. A computer for each student means every student works just where he/she must. I was awarded new laptops and matched the amount in order to purchase 8 new laptops.
Award: $800


#12 2013

Century Link Grant

Project: Effective Technology Integration

Outcome: School is supposed to prepare our students for this new century. To meet the challenges of teaching and learning in the digital age, evry student will have one-to-one access to computers. We were awarded 5 computers, and again I purchased 5 additional computers with my own funds.
Award: $2500


#13 2014

Donor's Choose

Project: Immediate Feedback via Graphic Writing Tablet

Outcome: We were awarded 15 graphic writing tablets. I purchased an additional 8 with my personal funds. These were used to provide students with another way to input and present information.
Award: $1056


#14 2015

Donor's Choose

Project: Bill Gates Matching Grant

Outcome: We were awarded 3 new Window 10 laptops.
Award: $1000



#15 2017

Donor's Choose

Project: STEM & Expeditionary Learning

Outcome: We were awarded 6 new Chrome Books.
Award: $1300


#16 2018

Donor's Choose

Project: STEM Lab Supplies

Outcome: We were awarded supplies for our new STEM lab.
Award: $700


#17 2019

Donor's Choose

Project: Graphic Writing/Drawing Pens

Outcome: We were awarded twenty two graphic writing/drawing pens.
Award: $650



TOTAL AWARDS (not including my matching funds): over $114,000.

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