Mrs. Dean
Copper Hills Elementary
Granite School District
Salt Lake City, UT

These are my old Edesk sites. Some links may be broken.

My Quick Links
  3D Game
  A Google for Kids
  Adding Integers Practice
  Africa Sites
  Algebra Planet Blaster Game
  Angles Formed by Parallel Lines TI-73
  Approved Literature
  Area & Perimeter Explorer
  Area & Perimeter Game
  Art Detective
  Ask Jeeves for Kids
  Bar Graph Assignment - What Would You Weigh?
  Baseball Stats
  Battleship Exponent Practice
  Biography Center
  Biography Library
  Boise State University Library
  Build the Bridge First Game
  Calvin Smith Elementary Resources
  Census Quickfacts
  Character Trading Cards
  China Tour
  Chinese Checkers
  Circle 21 Game
  Citation Machine
  Citation Machine MLA Format
  CNN Student News
  Connect Four
  Create a Graph
  Create a Graph
  Create a Graph
  Culture Grams - Information about our World
  Cynthia's Excellent Math Sites
  Daily Almanac
  Dale Webb's Resources
  Daylight Savings Time
  Decimal Guess
  Decimal Lineup
  Decimal Scales
  Decimals - Adding to be a Millionaire
  Discovery Science Fair Projects
  Dots and Squares Game
  DWA Writing PowerPoint
  Earth's History Field Trip
  Eastwood Math Sites
  Eastwood's Curriculum Sites
  Edesk for Presentation Ideas
  Equivalents Activity - Decimals, Fractions
  Escher Tessellations
  ETC Training
  Exercise & Fitness Info
  Extreme Science
  Field Trips Galore
  Fifth Destination
  Find the Verb
  First Destination
  Flash Movies
  Flipping Coins
  Foreign Field Trips
  Free Play Music
  Free Play Music
  Fun Facts to Graph
  General Math Practice
  General Practice
  Geography Quiz
  Geometry Interactives
  Grammar and Writing
  Grammar Blast
  Granite School District - Salt Lake City, Utah
  Graph for the Ocean
  Graphing Points with TI-73
  Great Women
  History Mystery
  Holiday Fun
  Holiday Internet Hunt
  Homework Help at Math Goodies
  How Stuff Works
  How to Write a Biography
  How to Write a Persuasive Paper
  Illuminations Math
  Interactive Math
  Interactive Math
  Interactive Math Activities
  Interactive Math Tools - Illuminations
  July Scavenger Hunt
  June Scavenger Hunt
  Larry Gee's Math Sites
  Length of Major Rivers
  Letter Generator
  Machines Scavenger Hunt
  Math Arcade
  Math Interactive Sites
  Math Problems
  Mental Math
  Mental Math
  Movement of the Earth
  Mrs. Dean's Class Page
  Mrs. Dean's Home Page
  Mrs. Dean's LInks
  Mrs. Dean's Math Sites
  Multimedia Resources
  Multiplying Fractions Models Interactive
  Multiplying Fractions Models Interactive
  Narnia 1
  National Atlas
  Nlational Geographic
  Number Line Game
  October Scavenger Hunt
  Online CRT Practice
  Online Lesson Plans
  Order of Operations Practice
  Percent Practice & Visuals
  Percents Matching Game
  Perimeter Explorer
  Phases of the Moon Movie
  Pick a Number Game
  PIoneer Library
  Place Value
  Place Value Activity with TI-73
  Possessive Nouns
  Possessives Nouns Practice
  Power Football with Decimals
  Puzzle Game
  Quick State Facts
  QuickMath Automatic Math Solutions
  Race to Ramses
  Read Write Think Lesson Plan - The Reluctant Writer
  ReadWriteThink Persuasive Writing
  Reference Desk
  Regular Comparatives and Superlatives
  Rennaissance Sites
  Repairing Run Ons
  School Express Resources
  Sciber Site
  Science Fair Projects
  Second Destination
  Sentence Practice
  Six Trait Samples
  Six Trait Samples(1)
  Six Traits
  Six Traits Lessons
  Sixth Destination
  Smithsonian National Zoo
  Space Blocks for Surface Area
  Story Mapping
  Student Thinkquest
  Tangram Activities
  Teacher Tips from UEN - Cool Sites
  Test Practice
  Thanksgiving Activities
  The Big Pay Off Car Sales
  The Math Forum - Ask Dr. Math
  The Moon
  Third Destination
  Tonika's Edesk
  Tour the White House
  Turn On the Lights Game
  U.S. Capitol Tour
  UEN Student Interactive Sites
  UEN Student Interactive Sites
  UEN Student Interactives - Curriculum
  UEN's Multimedia Resources - Pictures, Clipart, Sounds, Music
  USOE SCIBER Site - 6th Grade Science
  Venn Diagram Builder
  Virtual Manipulatives
  Virtual Manipulatives
  Virtual Tour of the Human Body
  Volcanoes Field Trip
  Weather Stations
  Weather Stats
  Weight on other Planets
  Whale Sizes
  What's Bugging You Scavenger Hunt
  Where to Use Commas
  Who Wants Pizza?
  World Almanac Explore
  World Book Encyclopedia
  World Culture Webquest
  World Map
  World Tour