We are looking for someone interested in sharing our houseboat with us.


Our houseboat is 47 foot long with lots of room. There is a large family room with two long couches that fold out into large beds. The kitchen has a large refrigerator, a stove and plenty of cupboard space. The bathroom has a shower, sink, and cupboards. The back room is separated from the rest of the space by a door. It has 2 queen-sized bunk beds on one wall and 2 single-sized bunk beds on the opposite wall. The roof has plenty of sleeping room, too. There is a great DVD music system with speakers that go throughout the houseboat. Our houseboat has air conditioning.

Although our houseboat is twenty years old, it is sturdy with two metal pontoons. Currently, it is in Hanksville where we are repairing and remodeling it. It will be ready to set sail again in June.

The houseboat experience on Lake Powell is incredible. The water is very warm through October. We water ski, wake and knee board on smooth water. Our family laughs and splashes on the big water banana (see the picture above). We fish and chase striper boils. We enjoy all the conveniences of home while we soak up the sunshine. And, there is nothing more romantic than a night on the lake under the moon and stars.


Need more motivation? Lake Powell in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, is one of the world's great places for houseboating. The 186-mile long lake offers sandy beaches, blue water, and exceptional red-rock scenery. It is excellent for boating, skiing, kayaking and fishing. Boat or hike to Rainbow Bridge, or explore any of its many canyons or sand dunes. With a shoreline longer than the whole western coast of the continental United States, Lake Powell offers adventure for everyone.


Go to http://www.utah.com/lakepowell/ for a Photo or Video Tour of Lake Powell and houseboats.


Curious about how much it costs to rent a houseboat for a week?


Typical Houseboat Rental Policy:


Reservations Policy at http://www.nationalparkreservations.com/lakepowell_houseboat.htm
The following is for a six day rental:

  • Tax: 13.55% tax+surcharge
  • Cancellation: *See Below
  • Deposit: $500 - $2000 + Damage Deposit ($600)
    • Credit Cards: All

Cancellation Policy:
If canceling 60 days or more prior to arrival, the forfeit fee is $100. If canceling 59-45 days prior to arrival, the forfeit fee is $500. If canceling 44 days or less prior to arrival, the forfeit fee is the full rental fee; the tax and deposit are refunded. 


Why pay all that money for six days when you can enjoy your own houseboat when you wish?


Go to our Houseboat link to see more pictures of our houseboat and more of the fun we have at Lake Powell. Below are some of our great pics of the lake. Enjoy. And, we hope you'll give us a call at 801-573-3420 and join us in houseboat ownership. It's the best!


















































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