Butterfield Canyon

We have been working with the SL Mayor’s office to help clean up Butterfield Canyon and make it a safe, beautiful place.  If you haven’t been to Butterfield Canyon lately, you should take a drive through it.  Along the shaded road, you’ll see a variety of plants and flowers.  You may see turkey families, deer, ducks, hawks, vultures, squirrels, woodpeckers, raccoons and/or owls.  The stream that runs right next to the road is so pretty.

Recently, a sign was posted at the mouth of Butterfield Canyon saying:

  • This is private property.
  • Stay on the road.
  • No overnight camping is allowed.
  • No campfires.

At the bottom of the sign, it reads “By Order of the Sheriff”.

My husband and I walk 8 miles in Butterfield Canyon each day.  In spite of the sign that was posted, we are still see many people camping, dumping garbage, and building campfires. Many of these people don't clean up after themselves and leave campfires unattended.

Speed limit signs were also posted in Butterfield Canyon on Aug. 6, 2009.  The speed limit signs range from 10 to 25 mph.
We were hopeful that people would slow down.  We have found, though, that most drivers continue with their 50-60 mph habit of driving through Butterfield Canyon.  It's frightening for those of us walking on the side of the road. We are especially concerned about the many bicyclists on the road. Vehicles traveling 50-60 mph on the skinny, curving road are dangerous to the cyclists coming down Butterfield Canyon.

The population along the canyon road has changed over the last few years. It used to be a place for drug deals and teenage beer parties. Now, however, there are young moms who walk their children in the canyon.  Lots of people of all ages ride their bicycles on the road in Butterfield Canyon.  We and many others jog, run or walk there.  In the winter time, many snowmobile or snowshoe there.

We need your help. Our side of the valley deserves to have beautiful canyons, too. We and others are picking up garbage in the canyon each day that we hike there. We hope that you, too, will help by picking up your trash and perhaps others' trash, too.  And, when you are in Butterfield Canyon and see campfires, call the sheriff or fire dept. They have been responsive and helpful.

If you'd like to add your voice to our list of citizens who are striving to clean up Butterfield , please send an email to us here. Thanks!

Below are some of our pictures taken in Butterfield Canyon.

An example of garbage we pick up:
Recent fire at the mouth of Butterfield Canyon because of illegal fireworks:


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